Video Landing Page Design

In the age when customers no longer see convenience and instant gratification as a privilege but as a birth-obtained right, you’d be hard pressed to find a combination that makes more sense than that of using video materials on your landing pages.

Landing pages are supposed to capture visitors’ attention as quickly as possible and to hold it long enough for the visitor to decide to engage with your brand. While some carefully distributed text and visuals can do a tremendous job of this, video has a couple of advantages.

First of all, a video landing page can often entice more empathy from the visitor, as they actually get to hear your pitch from a real person instead of only skimming through some text. Likewise, with their customary minimalism and strict element distribution rules, text and visuals based landing pages can only offer so much variety, while video enhanced pages do not suffer from the same constrictions.

Naturally, designing a video landing page comes with its own set of complications, not the least of which is the fact that page response times are crucial for user conversions, and that video content is notorious for its resource requirements. This is why you need an expert to design your landing page, and why we believe it might be a good idea if you contacted us with your intentions and requirements.